Venus Factor Diet Review – The Facts in 30 Seconds


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First, I will let you in on the Venus Factor secret.

The Venus Factor diet can be summed up fairly succinctly in 6 ways which I go into below.

But first, I will let you in on the Venus Factor secret.

The Venus Factor secret and the reason why it has resulted in so much success for women is because of the calorie controlled deficit, maintenance and cheat day’s.

This combination results in resetting your body’s metabolism.

This will bring your body’s leptin level under control. For those who have not heard of leptin in short it is a hormone controls your body’s ability to burn fat.

When your leptin level is low, or you have leptin resistance (which is very common) it is very difficult to lose weight.

So Here is a 30 Second Summary of the Venus Factor Diet

•    First and foremost it is not just a diet, it is a complete lifestyle improvement program
•    Like any diet its core principle is for you to control the amount of calories you eat
•    The diet works on calorie deficit, maintenance and cheat days
•    You can eat what you like so long as you don’t blow your calorie intake for that day
•    Light exercise is optional but recommended
•    This diet program is good for any woman in the world


Now Here is a Brief Summary of the Program

Following the diet plan exactly is not set in stone.

The Diet Plan

The actual diet plan is good but following it strictly is not set in stone, you can vary the food you are eating.

You do this by working out the calories in each meal you make. This is great as you may not like the food that is in the diet plan or may not have access to the brands they recommend.

Your calorie intake is the key to you losing weight.


How many calories you can eat is determined by a combination of factors such as your current weight and physical dimensions.

There is a tool inside the program that helps you work that out. Generally you will eat between 1000 and up to 1700 calories per day.

Cheat days are allowed to happen on this diet.

How it Works

As mentioned before the diet plan works by you following deficit, maintenance and cheat days over weekly periods.

On a deficit day (which makes up most of the week) you eat less calories than your body needs to function which results in it burning excess fat for energy.

Maintenance days are where you eat just enough calories for your body to function and cheat days are where you eat more.

Now that may sound really simple, but there is a lot of science behind the formula.


Following the diet is easy but actually dieting is not.

Is the Diet Easy?

Well, in literal terms the diet plan is simple to follow. But being practical you might be thinking that dieting is easy right?

I will just eat what the diet plan says and in 12 weeks I will be slim?

Not quite, for the lucky few this may be true but for many making such a massive change in the amount of calories you are eating will mean you will need to prepare yourself psychologically before starting.

You will really struggle going from eating 3000 calories to 1000 overnight.

This is especially true if this is your first time dieting.

You see you will really struggle going from 3000 calories per day to 1000 overnight. And 12 weeks is a long time, so for some it is best to take it day by day.

But the diet plan does take into account that you may have days where you slip up and eat too much, most people do.

And as far as getting support goes the great news is that there are hundreds of women who actively participate in the Venus forum who can offer you support as they are going through exactly the same situation.

You do not want to put the weight back on after.

What Happens After the 12 Weeks is Up?

So once you get to the end of the diet it is essential you stay on a maintenance plan so you do not put the weight back on.

The best way to do that is by joining Venus Immersion. This is like phase 2 of the program.

Immersion includes the entire Venus Index of products such as the Venus Factor Final Phase (this is the continuation of the diet once the initial 12 weeks is up).

It includes cookbooks, advanced exercise routines and more to maintain your new weight.

Exercise is good but it is not essential for a result.

About Exercising

Exercising is not essential for you to lose weight but it’s highly recommended, especially if you are seeking a very toned body.

The good news is that the exercise plan in the Venus Factor is far from strenuous or time consuming and you will get the best results by doing them.

And you only need basic equipment such as an exercise ball, a mat and an ab wheel all of which which you can get from Amazon or your local sports store.


This is a secret of the diet that can boost results.


Diet supplements are another one of the secret weapons of the Venus Factor program.

There is a diet supplement called Leptiburn that is recommended you take as part of the program to really boost your results.

It is made up of completely natural herbs so it is safe to consume, but it is not cheap!

Depending on how many bottles you buy you will need to spend about $69 for a month’s supply (the more you buy the more you save).

How Much Does the Diet Program Cost?

At the time of this review the price for the diet plan that includes an exercise plan and access to the Venus forum is $47 USD.

Venus Immersion is $79 a month for 8 months than free for life (this includes any future updates to the program).

Now Let’s Talk About the Cause of You Being Overweight

As people get older their metabolism slows down.

Battling a Slow Metabolism

The fact is that one of the biggest issues faced by women today when it comes to losing weight is battling a slow metabolism.

For example children often have faster metabolisms which explains why they can eat virtually anything they want and not gain weight.

Unfortunately as people get older, their metabolism naturally slows right down. A slower metabolism is also exacerbated by poor diets and sedentary lifestyles.

One of the reasons a fast metabolism is good because it helps you to burn fat even when you’re not exercising.

This means that not only can you eat more calories, you can also maintain your ideal weight easier than you would if you were dealing with a slower metabolism.

The question that many people have is how can I achieve a faster metabolism, similar to what I had when I was younger.

One of the ways to achieve a faster metabolism is through the Venus Diet Plan.


This hormone controls how your body burns fat.

Leptin Levels are the Key

While the Venus Factor System does include exercise, it is heavily dependent on various nutrition aspects.

This is in order to help a woman’s body increase metabolism rates naturally which is done with strict attention being paid to your leptin levels.

Leptin is a naturally occurring hormone, and without getting too technical, this hormone determines how your body burns fat.

You see the higher the leptin level in your system is the faster your metabolism will be and the easier it will be to burn fat.

Conversely, lower levels indicate slower metabolism which can make it difficult to burn fat.

The problem with many diet and exercise plans is that they lack the right combination of supplements and nutrients, thus they lower the levels of leptin in your system.

The lower the levels, the less fat that will be burned. The reason for this is that when the body senses lower levels of this hormone it will think that it’s starving.

This means rather than burning fat, it will actually store fat so that it has enough fuel and energy to power your internal organs.

This can explain why many diet and exercise programs have people hitting plateaus in the amount of results they get very soon into them.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for leptin levels to be so low that a woman will actually gain weight while adhering to a very strict diet and exercise regimen.


You can still eat many of the foods you do now.

Increasing Your Leptin Levels Naturally

With the Venus Factor Diet Plan, supplementation helps naturally increase leptin levels.

In addition, with calorie counting, calorie burning, the right food combinations, a measure of fasting and specific exercises this diet plan can help reset your metabolism.

This combination will help you produce higher levels of leptin. This, in turn will improve your metabolism and achieve the inevitable goal of this program.

That is to be able to eat whatever you want in order to maintain an ideal weight. In fact, many of the foods that you currently eat can still be consumed in this diet plan.

It’s important to understand that while leptin controls metabolism, it also controls the chemical reaction in your brain that tells you when to stop eating.

Higher levels of leptin can help control your appetite much better than lower levels. However, there are also other challenges that involve leptin levels and how it can affect your body.

Leptin resistance can be overcome by doing this.

Leptin Resistance

There is something called leptin resistance. This is a situation where your body already has high levels of leptin.

The problem is that the it doesn’t respond to leptin levels like it should. In most situations this is where your metabolism will stay slow and you may have problems regulating your appetite.

Fortunately, whether you’re dealing with low levels of leptin or leptin resistance, the Venus Factor Plan can help reset your body.

This will help it either increase leptin levels or help your body to respond properly to naturally high levels of leptin that already exist.


The ultimate goal is to maintain your new weight.

The Long Term Plan to Stay Slim

Nobody wants to think about being on a diet for the rest of their lives, but you want to stay slim.

Unfortunately, there are many diets that in order for you to lose weight and maintain that weight loss you’ll have to stay on indefinitely.

With Venus Factor, the plan is to help reset your body, increase leptin levels or help you to maximize the already high levels of leptin to help you lose weight and stay in shape.

However, the diet plan was never meant to be a lifelong habit. And for a time where this program can be very effective.

But the ultimate goal of this weight loss diet plan for women is that you will be on a maintenance diet to maintain your ideal weight.

These will stay with you even after you go off the Venus Factor diet program. The lessons will help you maintain an ideal weight for the rest of your life.

If you are ready to get into shape than lets GO!

Is it Right for Me?

Well, of course I cannot just say yes or no.

You see there are several factors you may want to consider.

Before embarking on your weight loss journey you really must ask yourself the following question (and answer truthfully).

Are you really ready to lose weight?

Well depending on your desired result it is going to take quite a bit of hard work to get there and if you have not accepted that then you will struggle from the start.

It also takes planning and preparation to get the motivation to take action and see it through.

The Venus Program helps with this by way of support from both the Venus staff and other women in the group who are going through the same experience.


Women anywhere in the world can get their desired results on this superb diet.

So if losing weight is something that you want to do, it’s likely that you’ve looked at different diet and weight loss programs.

The fact is that there are no shortage of programs around that can help you to lose weight and to get into better shape.

Unfortunately, not all of these weight loss or fitness programs are in your best interest.

In fact, many people who have tried riskier programs have had to deal with long-term health repercussions because of incorrect advice given.

Fortunately, not all programs and diet plans are going to put your health at risk.

Some of them, like this one offer unique methods for helping you lose weight and to get you into shape naturally and offer you support into the future.

You can get your desired result so long as losing weight is what you really want and you set your mind to it. It may not be easy to do, but the long term results make it all worthwhile!

Best of luck Em xo

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