Leptin and Weight Loss for Women – This is WHY it Matters



Every woman wants to find the fastest way to burn fat. So when you have finally decided to get serious about weight loss, it is easy to become impatient and give up if some results of your efforts are not visible within a few weeks.

It is a depressing reality for many women that losing weight is often slower for them than it is for men, but there is a way to jump start your natural fat burner and see more results faster than you have in the past.

Leptin is what controls your body’s weightloss.

The Weight Loss Hormone

It is leptin that is in control of how your body loses weight and even how hungry you are.

Leptin and weight loss for women are a topic that need to be discussed together because it is impossible to maintain a healthy body weight if this hormone is not able to function correctly.

Leptin allows people to feel satiated after eating, but it also boosts metabolism by stimulating the fatty tissue into burning energy.

When the body is working as it should, leptin allows people to control their eating habits and to burn off what they do eat more easily.

In effect you are able to eat normal portions without the constant hunger pains that many people experience when dieting.

When leptin resistance is involved the body quickly begins to gain weight because the brain never receives the signal the stomach is full, or it receives it too slowly.


Leptin resistance is a cause of weight gain.

Understanding Leptin Resistance

When resistance to leptin occurs, the body still continues to produce the hormone, often in levels higher than normal.

The body is just not able to react correctly to the signals it attempts to send. Women who are experiencing this will often feel hungry even after eating a large meal.

They will frequently crave snacks, especially sweets and receive no lasting satisfaction from anything that is eaten.

Women can also experience infertility issues, mental fog and frequent colds or flu viruses as their immune system is weakened.

Since this often happens in combination with a slowing metabolism, weight gain can accumulate very quickly.

Without addressing the problem of the leptin resistance in your body, it will be impossible to actually lose weight effectively.

How a body becomes leptin resistant is a good indicator of what needs to be done to correct the issue and begin losing weight again.

How Leptin Resistance Happens

There are several known risk factors for becoming leptin resistant. Consuming foods that contain high fructose corn syrup or high sugary foods and drinks is a common cause.

Lack of sleep and high stress levels can also cause leptin resistance as well as bloating and inflammation in the body.

Foods that are high in fat or refined sugar can cause inflammation, making them even more dangerous to a sensitive, overweight body.


Reversing your leptin resistance is possible.

Enabling Weight Loss

Reversing the resistance your body has to leptin is possible. And it most definitely can be done completely naturally.

But it will require you to follow a sensible weight loss plan as well as doing exercise to get the body functioning properly.

It is not enough to just eat right, although this is a big factor.

A good plan for reversing leptin resistance will include you eliminating sugar and adding more protein and fiber to your diet.

Exercise is necessary too because it firms the body, builds muscle and burns calories.

What exercise can also help to accomplish is reducing stress.

Not only will reduced stress levels help to balance leptin in the body it can also curb cortisol, another hormone that is responsible for weight gain.

However, when leptin resistance is present exercise should be eased into in order to prevent aggravating the problem further.

Some supplements are really a waste of time.

Understanding Diet Supplements

In the world of diet supplements there are the good, some that are bad and others that are a complete waste of money.

When an effective one is chosen and used appropriately it can be very beneficial.

In this instance, those that are specifically created for reducing leptin resistance will become almost instant fat burners for women.

These types of supplements increase the sensitivity the body will have to leptin, providing the metabolic boost you need.


If you are ready to lose weight this is how to do it.

What to Expect

By following the diet and exercises along with using the right supplement you will be able to begin losing weight immediately.

Of course, how much weight that will be lost and how long it will take to reach your final goal will depend on many factors.

These include how much weight needs to be lost, the amount of muscle tone you currently have and of course your age.

In addition, people can have other issues that are also working against them.

Thyroid disorders, undiagnosed food allergies and some prescription medications can also be the cause of slow weight loss.

If you are ready to lose weight now, this is the route you will need to take.

Remember, weight loss is pretty difficult and if the body is not working as it should be maintaining that loss will be impossible.

Every failed fad diet may be contributing further to the issue by making the body even more resistant to leptin or lowering leptin levels entirely.

End the cycle of bad diet plans today by making the sensible decision to end your resistance, lose weight and finally feel good once again.

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