Metabolic Override – This is How to CONTROL Your Weight


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There are many benefits that accompany placing your body into “metabolic override.”

The discovery of the mechanisms responsible for metabolic override have been credited to fitness professional John Barban.

John is the author and creator of the extraordinarily successful Venus Factor diet and weight-loss program for women.

To give you some perspective on how it works, well have you ever noticed how differently two women’s bodies respond to similar weight-loss attempts?

If so then you have seen the results of metabolic override in action.

The pounds appear to simply melt off one woman while the other struggles in her attempt to lose even a few pounds.

It is almost always the rate of speed at which each woman’s metabolism functions that accounts for this difference.

Metabolic override means fast metabolism.

What is Metabolic Override?

Metabolic override is a way of achieving your desired metabolic speed (ie. a faster metabolism).

For example, imagine a rail-thin teenage boy. You know, the one who eats several thousand calories a day and is still always hungry?

People joke about such kids and say they have a hollow leg. But a fast-running metabolism is just their natural state.

They’re young, growing, active and constantly eat. But as you get older your physiology is incredibly sensitive to a little-known hormone called leptin.


Leptin is a hormone in your body’s fat cells.

What is Leptin?

Leptin is the sly background player responsible for weight-loss. It is a hormone manufactured in your body’s fat cells.

It is carried to the brain by the bloodstream where the receptors determine you have sufficient fat (energy) in your body present to maintain critical life functions (your BMR).

In response your body stops storing calories, but also lets you know that you are no longer hungry so you stop eating.

Sometimes though you have plenty of leptin in your body but it is not being registered properly by your brain receptors.

This is known as leptin resistance.

Leptin resistance is when you start to diet and lose weight (the fat) initially but your leptin receptors do not recognize the high level of leptin in your system.

So your brain starts to think you are starving which intern then results in your body storing as many calories as it can.

People with leptin resistance have receptors that don’t recognize when their leptin levels are sufficiently high enough in their system.

Achieving metabolic override with a program like Venus Factor essentially “resets” a person’s metabolism and their sensitivity to leptin.


One way is to drink chilled water all day.

How Can You Increase the Speed of Your Metabolism?

There are a number of natural metabolism boosters that work in harmony with one another to get you where you need to be.

For example, one of the most important things anyone seeking to lose weight should do is to eat as late as possible in the morning, and the later the better.

The larger the gap between your last meal at night and your first meal the next day the better, on the Venus diet it should be at least a 12 hour gap.

Also, frequent, small meals throughout the day keep the metabolism in an active state, it pacifies the brain and provides you with steady energy to sustain your activity.

One of the best fat burners for women (or anyone really) is to drink chilled water all day long.

Cold water causes the body’s thermodynamics to kick in, burning calories just to maintain your normal body temperature.

Of course, exercise is also essential. Certain types of exercise (muscle building) will benefit you more than others.

Diet supplements are also a good way to boost your metabolism. One in particular is Leptiburn made by BioTrust Nutrition.

In fact it is the recommended supplement to take along with the Venus diet.


Not all foods are equal when losing weight.

Eat Foods that Boost Your Metabolism

As you might correctly assume, not all foods are equal where weight-loss is concerned.

One of the most important elements in a comprehensive weight loss program is to eat metabolism boosting foods.

The idea is to eat foods that make you feel full and which burn calories through digestion, but don’t turn to fat.

Ignore simple carbohydrates (sugar and white flour) and instead look to eat complex carbohydrates such as those found in whole grains and vegetables.

In fact, it is best to avoid high-glycemic foods entirely. Smoothies are a great way to disguise those elements that you may not enjoy but which you know are helpful.

Studies have shown that women who eat dairy or take calcium supplements while dieting lose significantly more weight than women who don’t.

Protein, particularly lean protein, such as that found in lean meats, fish, eggs and leafy greens are healthful choices that break down slowly.

They also provide the most satiety and keep your metabolism humming along.

Sugar cravings can be very intense on a diet.

Breaking the Sugar Addiction

Many people with significant weight problems are addicted to processed foods containing sugar and simple carbohydrates.

Sugar cravings can be very intense, especially at the start of a diet and are the reason behind many diet failures.

If you fall into this category, take heart! Sugar and simple carbs truly are an addiction.

However, they’re one of the easiest of all addictions to overcome.

Most people find that if they can get through the first two or three days sugar free that not only do their cravings go away completely, but that their weight loss itself becomes self-rewarding, not to mention motivating.

Try flavoring your water with lemons and limes, it helps. And persevere! In a few short days, you’ll be so glad you did!


Getting in control of your metabolism is challenging.

Total Control of Your Metabolism

For women, taking control of your metabolism is in theory not that hard to do. But the reality can be quite different.

It will take a combination of dieting, food choices, exercise and possibly supplements to reset your metabolism so you start to burn fat around the clock.

The Venus Factor diet program is the only diet that women can reply on to enact metabolic override and start losing weight.

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