Venus Immersion – This is NEXT Level


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Immersion is every part of the Venus program.

What is Venus Immersion?

Venus Immersion is a set of multiple diet related products that make up the entire Venus Factor index.

That is every product available as part of the Venus Factor diet program.

This includes advanced exercise routines, cookbooks, extended meal pans and access to the Venus Elite Community among others.

Immersion is available in addition to the Venus Factor diet program.

You can buy the products separately or get the entire Venus Index by purchasing Immersion.

The basic principle of Immersion is to support you while you are on the 12 week diet plan and then after it so you maintain your ideal weight.

So if you’re a woman looking to lose weight and tone your body by following a program that was designed just for women than this Venus Immersion review will help you get there.


By addressing hormones you will lose weight.

Why Does this Program Work?

Women of all ages can have issues with a hormone called leptin. Why? Because burning fat gets harder as you get older.

Overtime your hormones can become unbalanced resulting in your body storing more fat instead of burning it.

And if you do not fix your hormonal issues it can be near impossible to lose weight.

The great news is that this diet and exercise program helps you to reset the hormones that are causing you to gain weight.

It works very well on traditional problem areas for women such as the hips and butt.

You can try just the diet or the entire program.

What Comes With the Program?

One of the main questions that woman have before they make a decision about the program is what comes with it.

Well you won’t be disappointed as it is packed with heaps of great features. First of course you get the Venus diet for women.

This diet program will help you to make the best nutrition decisions and you’ll learn how to make smart food choices.

Best of all you won’t be hungry and you can still eat food you like (even chocolate!).


In only 12 weeks you will be looking amazing!

The Venus Factor Workout Program

The diet program takes twelve weeks to complete and you’ll get an entire twelve weeks’ worth of workouts.

Do these workouts along with following your diet guide and you’ll see the pounds come off.

This is where you will get the motivation you need.

The Venus Factor Immersion Community Forum

This is made up of people who are either doing the program or completed it and are simply maintaining their weight.

You’ll be able to track your success, and talk to others. Many of those who do connect on the program actually become friends even after they’ve reached their goals.

Having others to talk to, and get encouragement and advice from can go a long way toward helping you succeed.

Here you work out how many calories to eat.

The Virtual Nutritionist App

This is a feature that most diets don’t have. This app will help you figure out exactly how many calories you need.

Having this app right on your smart phone is a huge help as you go along since your recommended calorie intake can change the more you lose weight.

You’ll have all of the information you need to re-evaluate your calorie needs as you lose weight and tone your body.


Here are All of the Components that Make up Venus Immersion:

Venus Cookbook
Extended Meal Plans
Slim in Seven
The Venus Index Circuits
The Venus Index Phase 3 Workouts
The Venus Factor Final Phase
Venus Index Specializations
Uncensored Podcasts
Advanced Strength Series
Apps for Android and IOS
The Elite Venus community

This is for any woman that wants to look great.

Who is this Program Right For?

Given that weight loss for women is often more difficult than it is for men the Venus diet in general will work for most women.

This is because it is specifically tailored for them. The exception here may be if you are very overweight, in which case it is recommended that you should consult your doctor first.

This is more than just a diet, it is the next level.

What to Expect From Immersion

The Venus Factor weight loss program and Immersion is made to give women a feminine shape, it will not bulk you up.

You’ll lose weight, and tone up, but you’ll still retain the curves that women want. For those who are keen there are more highly advanced diet and exercise routines in Immersion.

It is basically up to you how hard you want to go at it.

Fortunately the program is easy to follow, but like any diet and exercise routine it will take time and commitment to get to your goal.

But one of the great features of the workouts are the instructional videos online included in the program inside your account.

The videos show you how to do each exercise, so you’re sure that you’re doing it right.

The videos can be downloaded to your phone so you can have it right there in front of you while you’re doing them.

This is a huge help for anyone is unsure of how to do a move. You get all of the instructions that you need with the program.

It’s simply a matter of following them.

You see if you follow the diet, it will work. And if you do the exercises, it will work.

But the hardest part of the program is making the commitment to get started but once you can do that, you’ll do great.

The workouts should be done three times per week, so that isn’t a huge time commitment.

And as you go along and see the results, you’ll feel so good that you’ll want to continue.


It is most important to prepare before starting.

Getting Results

The bottom line with Venus Immersion is that if you put in the effort to start with it will help you to maintain your ideal weight.

While it’s easy to follow and doesn’t take a ton of work on your part, it does take some time, effort and personal commitment.

To get results you will have to follow the diet plan but exercise is optional. But remember that working out three days per week really isn’t that much and you get four days off!

If you don’t follow through, it of course won’t work. It’s that way with any workout program.

Another thing to keep in mind is the online support from the community. You get so much from being around others who are going through the same things that you are.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend online, at least give it a try once!

So if you’re a woman who is trying to lose weight and reshape your body than give it a try, you’ll be glad that you did.

Soon you will see your body transforming into the body that you want.

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