What is the Venus Factor Secret? – This Will Surprise You!


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You may know by now if you have read any of my other articles about the Venus Factor diet that I like to start by giving a succinct summary of the topic before going into the details.

So for those who want to know the answer to what is the Venus Factor secret, well here it is.

There are two main reasons why it works.

The Secret of this Program is Twofold

Firstly there is the discovery made by the creator of the diet about the hormone leptin.

Leptin controls your ability to burn fat so there is a direct relationship with your weight.

Secondly the diet plan details how to beat problems with leptin by you following the metabolic override program (aka the Venus Diet plan).

There is also an option to take their recommended diet supplement called Leptiburn.

This all natural diet supplement can see you get really good results in a very short timeframe, many women swear by it!


The secret of the Venus Factor is reveled here.

The Elusive Diet Secrets

Many people search for diet secrets that are meant to help them lose weight quickly.

But even if some of the secrets work, often you end up gaining the weight back again as soon as you stop the diet and start eating the way that you did in the past.

In reality, the secret to losing weight is not just to diet, but to change the way you eat and exercise in a way that works for you.

There are products that can help you lose weight and transform the habits into ones that are going to help you lose weight and keep it off.

The Venus Factor is one program designed to help women do just that.

Because they don’t address this problem.

Why Don’t Some Diets Work?

Most people start a diet excited about the possibilities but many times they don’t see the results they want.

Or at least not fast enough and end up going back to what they were doing before the diet.

And sometimes even if they start to see results, they will end up gaining the weight back again once they stop the diet.


This ends up being detrimental to a person’s health since they just bounce back and forth between gaining and losing weight.

So instead of going on a diet, a woman should start a weight loss program that’s going to be a lifestyle change for them.

This way, they are changing the way they eat and exercise for permanent results.

Because you will be in control of your hormones.

Why is the Venus Factor Different?

To put it simply the Venus Factor program is different to other diets because it is especially for women.

But further than that it addresses the hormone leptin. You see once you control the leptin hormone you will also control your weight.

For example did you know a little known fact that over exerting yourself during exercise can be counterproductive to your weight loss goals?


You see if your leptin hormone level is to low or you have leptin resistance it can trick your brain into thinking the sudden calorie burn may be a risk to your energy stores.

The result being your metabolism will start to work against you and your body will begin to store every calorie you eat.

However when your leptin hormone functions correctly this does not happen because the leptin receptors in your brain can work out the extra energy is not needed.

Another reason why the Venus Factor is different to most other diets is because it is a weight loss program, not just a diet.

In particular if you join Venus Immersion you will get ongoing support from the Venus team and Venus members to help you stay in shape now and into the future.

This part of the program also includes meal plans and recipe books as well as advanced exercise routines (among other features).

So with this you have the best possible chance to maintain your new shape. The end result is new eating and exercising habits that help you lose weight and keep it off.


Any woman anywhere in the world can do this diet.

Who Does it Help?

This program is designed to help any women anywhere in the world who wants to lose weight.

It’s specific to women because women lose and gain weight differently to men. It’s meant for any woman who needs to lose weight, whether they need to lose 20lbs or over 100lbs.

Anyone who wants to look and feel their best can use this program to learn how to eat the right foods and do the right exercises to get to where they want to be.

But it pays to remember that dieting is not easy, it takes hard work and a lot of commitment from you to ensure that you get your desired result.

Yes absolutely it does.

Does this Diet Program Actually Work?


The program alone has helped thousands of women get to the weight they want to be at.

But like any diet program it is not for everyone. You see it takes hard work and commitment to lose weight, and the more weight you want to lose the harder it will be.

In saying that though remember that any woman can achieve their desired result so long as the principles of the diet are followed.

Oh and there is also the herbal supplement that can help a person lose weight faster.

This isn’t strictly necessary, but many women find that it helps them to lose the weight faster.


A supplement can boost your results up to 200%.

About the Herbal Supplement

Many people wonder, what is the Venus Factor secret herb? Well, there is actually a diet supplement called LeptiBurn.

This supplement includes a very special variety of herbs that are proven to help control leptin which will result in you losing weight.

The herbs in this food include Irvingia Gabonensis, Oleanolic Acid, Modifilan, Panax Notoginseng, and YerbaX.

Although most people haven’t heard of these, they are proven to help a person lose weight faster than diet and exercise alone.

This is because it helps reset leptin in your system restoring your metabolism.

The supplement LeptiBurn (diet pills) includes each of these ingredients so a person can take one pill and get the supplements they need.

When you take it you will likely see a change in your weight fairly quickly.

Although its likely you won’t lose all the weight at once, but you will find that it comes off easier than just eating healthy and exercising.

You must prepare your mind before you start.

What do You Need to do to Get Started?

In a practical sense getting started is easy right? I just buy the program and follow along for 12 weeks and I will be slim?

Well, that may be true for a few somewhat lucky women who can diet easily.

But the case is that for most women you will need to do some preparation first especially if it is the first time you have been on a diet.

You see going from eating 2500 calories per day to 1000 is a BIG change!

So if you spend some time going over the diet and exercise plan in advance of starting it you will be much better placed to succeed.


To achieve your desired weight you must be ready.

Make Your Diet Worthwhile

There is no doubt getting into shape is rewarding in so many ways, not just to give your self-esteem a boost.

You see by getting into shape you will feel better and even be a happier person.

So if you do decide to try the Venus diet then remember that the Venus Factor secret food (the Leptiburn supplement) gives you the best chance of losing weight quickly.

The diet supplement will enhance your results that come from proper nutrition and exercise, helping you lose the weight faster than you thought you could.

After all losing weight can be difficult for women, but with the right weight loss program and by avoiding diets that can harm your health you can lose the weight to get the body you want!

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